Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cliche (But Awesome) Music Post

By Andrew McGunagle

As gym-goers, we tend to listen to a lot of music. The majority of us have lifting playlists on our Ipods, which we crank up loud enough to drown out the Lady Gaga leaking from the speakers of the commercial gyms we frequent. Those of us lucky enough to train at private gyms or in our own homes love to turn our speakers up to eleven and lift heavy weights.

"These speakers go to eleven."
Regardless of the troubles that we may encounter in our day to day lives, we always have good music and iron to lift our spirits. Coming home from a long day at school, turning on and turning up my stereo, and lifting weights is what kept me sane throughout the ups and downs of high school. Nowadays, when I head home for holidays, one of the things I look forward to most is meeting up with all of my buddies at my garage to lift weights to good music.

I have long been a music lover, and I have wide-ranging musical tastes. I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy all of the same songs that I enjoy, but here are some of the songs that like to listen to in the gym:

1. "Tuesday's Gone (Cover)" by Metallica: As I do my soft tissue and mobility work before lifting, I tend to listen to lighter music. I have found that easing in to my sessions rather than blasting heavy music from the onset works well for me. Even if that is not your preference, it is difficult to dislike this song.

2. "Wet Sand" by Red Hot Chili Peppers: This is one of my all-time favorite songs. Like the song above, I often listen to this while I prepare to train. Driving down the 101 listening to Stadium Arcadium with my best friend is one of my favorite memories.

3. "Foxglove" by Murder By Death: Don't let the name put you off to this band. Murder By Death has quickly become one of my favorite bands in the past year. Check out the songs "Shiola", "No Oath, No Spell", "Brother", and "Spring Break 1899" by this band. Also, if MBD ever comes to play in a town near you, do not pass up the chance to see them live.

4. "Let Me Put My Love Into You" by AC/DC: As I move on to lifting songs, I want to familiarize people with tracks that are not very well known. Almost everyone knows and likes AC/DC, but a lot of their more popular songs are played out. This song might just rekindle your love for this legendary band.

5. "China White" by Scorpions: Deadlifting to this song is, quite simply, epic. That is all.

6. "My Michelle" by Guns N' Roses: GN'R is one of my all-time favorite bands. The majority of people have never heard any of their less-popular and, in my opinion, best songs. If you have never heard the song "Civil War", then be sure to check that one out as well.

7. "Bulls on Parade (Live)" by Rage Against The Machine: If you do not want to get hyped up, do not press play. The live version of this song is far better than the album version.

8. "Heaven and Hell" by Black Sabbath: This is one of the all-time greatest songs. That is not my opinion, that is fact.

9. "Breathing" by A-1: I don't want to leave my hip hop fans hanging, so here is an awesome new-ish song by a Bay Area rapper who goes by the name A-1. If you like this song, check out "Circulate" by A-1, "Get Fly" by Atmosphere, "Make That Money" by Macklemore, and "Simple Man" by The Grouch.

I could go on and on, but I don't want this post to get out of hand. I always enjoy new music, so don't hesitate to suggest some songs in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back next week when I get back to my usual lifting musings.             

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