Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Start a Warehouse Gym: An Interview With John Cortese

By Andrew McGunagle

A few years ago, during my freshman year at Cal Poly, I got in touch with a bright young strength coach named John Cortese. John was close to graduating from Cal Poly at the time, and he was working towards opening a gym in his hometown of Napa, California. During the past couple of years, John and I have kept in touch, and, through Facebook, I have watched him build his business into what is now an awesome warehouse gym.

Last week I drove out to John's facility to talk to him about starting a warehouse gym. I am hoping to open my own facility soon after I graduate, and I knew that John could offer me a lot of great information about the process. The insights that John provided me were excellent, and his advice made me much more confident in the direction that I am heading.

Also, John thought it would be helpful to other individuals who are in a similar situation that I am in to videotape our conversation. This was a great idea, as it resulted in an excellent six-part interview that we can share with everyone who is interested. So, here are all six parts of the interview I did with John. If you are interested in starting a warehouse gym, then it is well worth your time to watch this fifty-minute video series.

(Thank you, John, for taking the time to meet with me and provide me with so much great advice. I truly appreciate all the help you have given me throughout the past few years, and I am glad other future strength coaches will be able to benefit from out talk!)

Thanks for reading and watching! If you live in, or near, Napa, then be sure to check out CTS Strength & Conditioning. Find out more about John and his gym at

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