Friday, November 22, 2013

What's the Problem 2.0!

By Andrew McGunagle

Back in June, I created a training questionnaire and posted it here on my blog. This tool spawned from my realization of the importance of accurately identifying issues at the outset of the problem solving process. All too often, we seem to allow our biases to guide our thinking and subsequently direct our efforts in the wrong directions. With concrete and objective tools, we can get a bit closer to diminishing our flawed tendencies and we may begin to focus our limited time and attention appropriately.

While the assortment of queries posed in the original questionnaire remain valid, I knew I could improve the utility of the tool for my lifting brethren. Also, on a related note, I've begun to realize that, when it comes to the strength training community and our use of technology to improve the training process, we have only just begun to scratch the surface. While there are bright young entrepreneurs - such as the dudes at Strength Portal - creating innovative new software, there is so much progress to be made on the digital front of our iron obsession. So, with these thoughts in mind, I transformed my questionnaire into a well-organized spreadsheet:

(Note: To use/edit this version of the questionnaire, log into your Google account, then go to "File" > "Make a Copy...")

After you make a copy of the sheet and begin to scroll through the updated questionnaire, quickly ponder each question and type a value between 1 ("No Problem") and 10 ("Problem") in the middle column, along with any notes that come to mind in the column to the right. These values will be averaged at the bottom of each section in the yellow rows, and the average of all the issues will be displayed at the bottom of the page in the blue row. Spend a few minutes filling out the spreadsheet, figure out what you need to fix, and think of a few feasible solutions to the problems that are presented.

You might be surprised what is holding you back. Or, your existing inklings may simply be confirmed. Either way, your obstacles will be staring you in the face, and now all you need to do is make some changes and get moving towards your goals. Cool, huh?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Training Questionnaire was very well orgainized and thought out. Great Job!